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Vincent Negrin

Vincent was born in the 1950 in Canary Islands. As a young artist he moved to Spain where he was discovered by the dean of the very prestigious University of Madrid and received a full scholarship to study in the fine arts. A well rounded artistic student, Vincent finally settled on ceramics as his medium of choice and now works solely in clay. His discipline is the ancient art of Raku.

Vincent is known for marrying his love of indigenous peoples from around the world with his passion for clay and arrives at a metling pot of iconic styles and peoples combined into stylized sculptures both powerful and sublime.

What sets his work apart from other Raku artists is the development of a highly specialized kiln that Negrin invented some 20 years ago.

It takes the very nature of Raku, being a 'soft' fired object of art and brings it up to near porcelain temperatures creating a unique peice that is far more durable than traditional wear.

Negrin holds the patten for this kiln and is to date the only person in the world creating such specialized pieces.

He has won the Government of Canada award to honour a career in the arts and is in many private and corporate collections world wide. In 2007 his pieces graced the pages of 'Canadian House and Home' magazine July issue.

Vincent Negrin makes his home in Quebec city and works from his studio with his wife and fellow ceramicist Carole Fountain Negrin on Ile d'Orleans.

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